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Let’s Pick Some All-Stars

If you’ve been around these parts before, you know I’m not a fan of picking all-stars based on a 50-game sample at the beginning of a season, and that I don’t like giving lifetime-achievement awards to aging players in July either.  … Continue reading

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A Tale of Three Outfielders

I suppose this isn’t really a tale.  Rather, it’s what I hope you come to this little corner of the interwebs for- stats about baseball players.  More specifically stats about Ken Griffey, Jr., Larry Walker, and Jim Edmonds. Each of … Continue reading

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A Hall of Fame Ballot for the BBA

The long-dormant Baseball Bloggers Alliance is building steam again and reestablishing its Hall of Fame vote, after skipping this season’s player awards.  As it seems most Hall of Fame simulators do, the BBA continues to mimic the and counterintuitive and often … Continue reading

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NL Walter Johnson Award

This is the hard one. In 2015, a National League pitcher had a 1.66 ERA, the best in either league since Greg Maddux’s 1.63 in an abbreviated 1995 season. The last ERA that low with as many innings pitched as … Continue reading

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2015 AL Walter Johnson Award

Much like the award for position players, the 2015 AL Walter Johnson Award is a two-horse race. While David Price pitched well for the Tigers before leading the Blue Jays to a division title after his July trade, Dallas Keuchel … Continue reading

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2015 NL Stan Musial Award

I was tempted to publish a two word post here: Bryce Harper. The NL Musial this year, is with the NL MVP, should be unanimous. Harper blew everyone away. I suppose some voter somewhere might list Harper somewhere other than … Continue reading

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2015 AL Stan Musial Award

It’s awards season, and I’m skipping to the one I usually write about last. I’ll see if I can make time to write about managers and rookies and left-handed right fielders at some point, but for now, let’s talk about … Continue reading

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