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2013 Cy Young Picks

This year’s Cy Young races are about as unpredictable as the end of an epidose of Full House. The voters will reward Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw for their exemplary work this year, and at first glance, they’re right in … Continue reading

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Walter Johnson Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

We’ve dismissed with the easy awards. Let’s get down to the good stuff. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s version of the Cy Young Award is the Walter Johnson, and both leagues are worthy of some debate. Let’s get started: American League … Continue reading

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FDP and King Felix

Today is an exciting day in SABR world. Fangraphs launched what may look to the average fan like a few new junk stats. To me, these stats represent the biggest advancement since I started blogging in 2010. For those who … Continue reading

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Ranking Rotations with True Season Score

A few weeks ago, I introduced True Season Score, an update on last year’s Season Score. If you haven’t been following, Season Score attempted to evaluate a pitcher’s cumulative success at any point in a season by accumulating his Game … Continue reading

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True Season Score Leaderboard

Most starting pitchers have made six starts at this point in the season, with a few aces having made seven. While that’s not enough of a sample to draw meaningful conclusions from many statistics, one of the selling points of … Continue reading

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Best-Pitched Games of the Season

Since 2007, I’ve stayed in a hotel eight or nine times. Three of those times, I’ve come back to my room just in time to watch the ninth inning of a no-hitter. When Clay Buchholz threw his no-no, I was … Continue reading

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Introducing True Season Score

Last year, I introduced Season Score, a relatively simple metric to evaluate pitchers over a full season by aggregating their Game Scores and adjusting for replacement level. Part of the impetus behind the creation of Season Score was to bridge … Continue reading

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Handicapping the Postseason Awards

As the calendar turns to August, the baseball season is roughly two-thirds complete. Teams have played 107-110 games and the trade deadline has established roughly what rosters will look like for the remainder of the season. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

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Weaver Watch Midseason Report

A month into the 2011 baseball season, Jered Weaver had established a historic pace, giving up just five earned runs in his first six starts. Three weeks later, Weaver was scuffling, his pace derailed from historic to simply the best … Continue reading

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Bumgarnering Around with Pitching Stats

Here’s an email exchange with Ryan Marston, who shares none of my sports allegiances, but does share my passion for objective sports analysis, and even some of my DNA (we’re first cousins). The initial topic (Madison Bumgarner’s strange outing on … Continue reading

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