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2016 MVP Ballots

Unless your team wins the World Series, there are few days on the calendar sadder than the day the last out settles into a player’s glove and baseball slips into hibernation.  Among the few reprieves from the long, dark winter … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Booger!

Larry Walker turns 49 today.  I took to Twitter this morning to share some birthday wishes for @cdnmooselips33.  For posterity’s sake, here they are: Happy birthday to Larry Walker, the last guy to hit .375 in a season. Happy birthday … Continue reading

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Franchise Player Mock Draft

I understand ESPN presented its annual franchise player mock draft today. I’d link to it, but I want to make my picks in a similar draft before I see who their experts picked. When I’m done, I’ll check out ESPN’s … Continue reading

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Will Transparency Destroy Us?

Here’s one I posted at High Heat Stats. Enjoy. The Baseball Writers Association of America, whose contract with Major League Baseball references as many third-party transactions with Satan as Fox’s World Series contract and the liner notes to a Robert … Continue reading

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Ranking Rotations with True Season Score

A few weeks ago, I introduced True Season Score, an update on last year’s Season Score. If you haven’t been following, Season Score attempted to evaluate a pitcher’s cumulative success at any point in a season by accumulating his Game … Continue reading

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True Season Score Leaderboard

Most starting pitchers have made six starts at this point in the season, with a few aces having made seven. While that’s not enough of a sample to draw meaningful conclusions from many statistics, one of the selling points of … Continue reading

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2012 Baseball Preview- NL West

With Prince Fielder and Edwin Jackson finally finding employers for the 2012 season, the free agent market is drying up, which is exciting for baseball fans, as it signals the proximity of spring training. In mere weeks, pitchers and catchers … Continue reading

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Mock Fantasy Draft – I’ll Start With Tulo

I’m pleased to announce that I’m participating in a mock draft with several bloggers, most of whom specialize in fantasy baseball. You can see the details here. While most of these guys will pick their teams based on traditional stats … Continue reading

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Final Ballot: Stan the Man

The inscription on Red Schoendienst’s Hall of Fame plaque begins “roommate Stan Musial credited him with ‘greatest pair of hands I’ve ever seen’”. This has nothing at all to do with the Baseball Bloggers Alliance‘s Stan Musial Award. The last … Continue reading

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Sifting Through NL MVP Candidates

In this week’s blog series, I’m running through the MVP and Cy Young debates in each league, and while three of the four awards feel like toss-ups, the NL MVP is the one that makes my head spin the most. … Continue reading

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