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Remaining Award Picks

I’ve heard tell that the Baseball Bloggers Alliance may come out of hibernation to vote on our annual awards. Having already covered my MVP (or “Stan Musial”) and Cy Young (“Walter Johnson”) picks, I thought I’d chime in with some … Continue reading


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Cabrera’s MVP Case Derailed

No, not that Cabrera. He’s still the frontrunner to win a second straight AL MVP, despite the math at fangraphs making a familiar argument. I’m talking about Everth Cabrera of the Padres, who was suspended for 50 games today for … Continue reading

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An Early All-Star Ballot

In the past, I’ve used this space to name my quarter-season All-Star team. With the actual All-Star ballot now out, I’m tempted to post both a novelty piece about the players enjoying unexpected success through 40-45 games and an actual … Continue reading

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Stan Musial Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

This is it. Night five of my five-night series of Baseball Bloggers Alliance-demanded postseason award ballots. I’ve covered managers, rookies, relievers, and pitchers. Now let’s take a look at the game’s best players, or as I interpret the Stan Musial … Continue reading

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Thwarted by Yet Another Stadium

This will be a very personal post, so I might as well start with a few personal notes. First, I’ve finally broken down and joined Twitter. Follow @replevel for links to new posts, other observations, and general snark. Second, I’ve … Continue reading

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2012 Baseball Preview- NL West

With Prince Fielder and Edwin Jackson finally finding employers for the 2012 season, the free agent market is drying up, which is exciting for baseball fans, as it signals the proximity of spring training. In mere weeks, pitchers and catchers … Continue reading

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Mock Draft – Maybin, Maybe Not

The weekend was slow going in the mock draft I’m participating in with a bunch of fantasy baseball bloggers. I’ve told you about my first seven picks. Over the last three days, I’ve added four more. By the time my … Continue reading

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An Indians Fan’s Dream

One of the beautiful things about April baseball is the unpredictability of early results. Every team has hot and cold streaks over 162 games, but if a surprising team goes on an early run, its fans can dream a little. … Continue reading

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April 6th MVPs

NL MVP Nick Hundley, Padres (.533/.588/.800) Nobody in the NL stands out quite like the top few hitters in the AL, but Hundley’s now 8-for-15 with three extra base hits and a walk. For a catcher who’s played a quarter … Continue reading

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Final Awards Picks

The regular season ended today with four meaningful baseball games, one of which went into extra innings (though the Rays had clinched the division by the end of the ninth), another of which was decided by one run (with the … Continue reading

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