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BBA Gets ’em Right

With about as much fanfare as the release of a new Wallflowers album, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance unveiled its postseason awards over the past week. The collective wisdom of my peers disagreed with three of the five awards we issued … Continue reading

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Stan Musial Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

This is it. Night five of my five-night series of Baseball Bloggers Alliance-demanded postseason award ballots. I’ve covered managers, rookies, relievers, and pitchers. Now let’s take a look at the game’s best players, or as I interpret the Stan Musial … Continue reading

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Walter Johnson Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

We’ve dismissed with the easy awards. Let’s get down to the good stuff. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s version of the Cy Young Award is the Walter Johnson, and both leagues are worthy of some debate. Let’s get started: American League … Continue reading

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Thwarted by Yet Another Stadium

This will be a very personal post, so I might as well start with a few personal notes. First, I’ve finally broken down and joined Twitter. Follow @replevel for links to new posts, other observations, and general snark. Second, I’ve … Continue reading

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Ten Quick Thoughts About the 2012 Baseball Season

Most teams have played, or are currently playing, their 80th game of the season, which means 2012 is almost half in the books, baseballwise. The All-Star rosters are set. Most of the teams we expected to contend for division titles … Continue reading

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Ranking Rotations with True Season Score

A few weeks ago, I introduced True Season Score, an update on last year’s Season Score. If you haven’t been following, Season Score attempted to evaluate a pitcher’s cumulative success at any point in a season by accumulating his Game … Continue reading

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2012 Quarter Season All-Stars

Most teams have played 42 or 43 games at this point in the season, enough to at least begin to evaluate player seasons. We know that Josh Hamilton’s excellence is more than a streak. Albert Pujols’s futility is more than … Continue reading

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The Best Last-Place Team Ever

When the Red Sox left Philadelphia this afternoon, having taken two of three from the Phillies, both teams were right where they were prior to and throughout the series- in last place. The Phillies, though, stand at 21-21, and were … Continue reading

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The Seven Sub-2.00 FIP Seasons

Bonds 73, McGwire 70, Sosa 66… Gibson 1.12, Gooden 1.53, Maddux 1.56… Hornsby .424, Sisler .420, Williams .406 There are single season numbers like the home run totals listed above that the average baseball fan has committed to memory (even … Continue reading

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2012 Baseball Preview – NL East

This is Part Five of my six-part 2012 baseball preview. I’ve looked at the NL West, AL West, NL Central, and the AL Central. Now we move on to the deepest division in either league, the NL East, from which … Continue reading

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