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A Tale of Three Outfielders

I suppose this isn’t really a tale.  Rather, it’s what I hope you come to this little corner of the interwebs for- stats about baseball players.  More specifically stats about Ken Griffey, Jr., Larry Walker, and Jim Edmonds. Each of … Continue reading

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A Hall of Fame Ballot for the BBA

The long-dormant Baseball Bloggers Alliance is building steam again and reestablishing its Hall of Fame vote, after skipping this season’s player awards.  As it seems most Hall of Fame simulators do, the BBA continues to mimic the and counterintuitive and often … Continue reading


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Larry Walker was Al Simmons (and other helpful comps)

This piece by Adam Darowski, published this morning at The Hardball Times, explains how similar Larry Walker was to Al Simmons, a Hall of Famer elected by the BBWAA. The Walker section ends thusly: “Even if you don’t believe WAR … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Booger!

Larry Walker turns 49 today.  I took to Twitter this morning to share some birthday wishes for @cdnmooselips33.  For posterity’s sake, here they are: Happy birthday to Larry Walker, the last guy to hit .375 in a season. Happy birthday … Continue reading

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Hall Ballot 2014

I’ve put off this wonderfully miserable exercise about as long as I can. The Baseball Hall of Fame, one of the great American institutions, continues to captivate fans like me. Given a different geographic and family life situation, I’d drop … Continue reading

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The All-Never-Won-A-World-Series Team

I spend way too much time batting baseball frivolities around in my head. Things like whether a team made up of Hall of Fame snubs who hit the ballot before 2000 could beat a team made up of guys rejected … Continue reading

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Replacement Level Production

You may have noticed that yesterday’s post was just my fifth of the year. While that probably does reflect the relative weight of baseball compared to other priorities in my life, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about baseball … Continue reading

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The ’26 Standard

How many active MLB players are future Hall of Famers? A portion of the BBWAA might answer “none”. History might tell us there are 30, 40, even 50. In fact, a certain interpretation of history might suggest that there are … Continue reading

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Which Hall is Actually the Hall of Stats?

I had an epiphany today (appropriate, I guess) about the Hall of Fame. Many of you, particularly those who have been interested in the Hall of Fame since before the SABR era, have probably looked at the Hall this way … Continue reading

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My Hall of Fame Ballot, or How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love the Process

I’ve written enough about the ridiculously overcrowded Hall of Fame ballot and the problems that led us here. This year, I’ll try to keep to a minimum the complaints about the absurdity of the 10-man cap and the Hall of … Continue reading

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