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2014 Stan Musial Awards

Below are my ballots for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s Stan Musial Award, which honors the best player in each league. The BBA does not limit this award to position players, but I do, as I’ve already filled out ballots honoring … Continue reading

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Celebrating Fresh Blood

The Red Sox and Rangers are not going to the playoffs this year. The Yankees and Cardinals are barely above .500 and not guaranteed to play in October. The Braves are in a free fall, watching their postseason hopes dwindle … Continue reading

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Are the Brewers For Real?

Sometimes I’m wrong. In my season preview, I ranked the Brewers 22nd among all teams in terms of likelihood to win the 2014 World Series. The point I came to regret quickly was this: “ZIPS actually has the Brewers finishing … Continue reading

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Handicapping the Award Races

We’ve entered the final six weeks of the 2013 baseball season, leaving teams with anywhere between 36 and 40 games to play. How teams in Miami, Phoenix, and a dome in St. Petersburg have played four fewer games than the … Continue reading

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Franchise Player Mock Draft

I understand ESPN presented its annual franchise player mock draft today. I’d link to it, but I want to make my picks in a similar draft before I see who their experts picked. When I’m done, I’ll check out ESPN’s … Continue reading

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An Early All-Star Ballot

In the past, I’ve used this space to name my quarter-season All-Star team. With the actual All-Star ballot now out, I’m tempted to post both a novelty piece about the players enjoying unexpected success through 40-45 games and an actual … Continue reading

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Stan Musial Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

This is it. Night five of my five-night series of Baseball Bloggers Alliance-demanded postseason award ballots. I’ve covered managers, rookies, relievers, and pitchers. Now let’s take a look at the game’s best players, or as I interpret the Stan Musial … Continue reading

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Willie Mays Award, 2012 Edition

The second in my series of Baseball Bloggers Alliance-required postseason award ballots is the Willie Mays Award, for each league’s top rookie. One of these awards is worth some discussion. I’ll save that one for last. American League 1. Mike … Continue reading

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Are the Playoff Races Over?

As of this morning, teams have 11 to 14 games left to play before the first-ever one-game Wild Card showdowns. At this point, I think we know who’s going to the playoffs. The Reds and Nationals became the first teams … Continue reading

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Living in the Past

I have no interest in talking about steroids. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I can’t make the point I’m about to make without talking about, or at least alluding to, steroids. One of the many unfortunate byproducts of the “steroid era” in … Continue reading

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