LCS Preview 2014

You don’t want to read what I have to say about the ALCS, so I’ll do you a favor and link you to Joe Posnanski instead.

Ok, I’ll take Baltimore in 5. Fangraphs prefers KC, presumably because they’ve got better starting and relief pitching, but we’ve yet to see Baltimore’s rotation falter, and Buck Showalter has demonstrated an aptitude for using the Orioles’ bullpen to his advantage. KC’s got a lot of fly ball pitchers who thrive at Kaufman (or in Anaheim), but Camden Yards could be a rude awakening.

The NLCS is a little harder to project, as the Cards seemed to survive the first round with more devil magic, while the Giants got surprising performances from elderly pitchers and abused the overmatched Matt Williams in the late innings. All four LDS were won by the team with the better bullpen, and I’d say all but KC-LA were won by the better manager, so I’ll take Bruce Bochy and Casilla/Romo/Lopez over Mike Matheny and Rosenthal/Neshek/Gonzales. Giants in 6.

I’m predicting an Orangetober to remember.

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  1. whanson13 says:

    I agree in both of these picks. The Giants seem to be heating up for the post season and they are getting clutch hits in close games.

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