2014 Willie Mays Awards

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance has asked members to post their picks for the Wilie Mays (best rookie) and Connie Mack (best manager) by tomorrow. I haven’t had time to write anything until now, when I’ve been sitting on a bridge for at least 15 minutes waiting for the construction crew to clear the northbound lane.

Having discussed rookies in a post a few weeks before the regular season ended you don’t need a link; it’s three posts down), I’ll get them out of the way first.

NL Willie Mays Award
1) Jacob deGrom, Mets
2) Billy Hamilton, Reds

I expressed a preference for Sliding Billy in September, but deGrom nudged ahead late, offering similar value in far less playing time.

3) Ken Giles, Phillies

Giles was probably “better” than Hamilton, but I’ll take 611 PA over 46 IP.

AL Willie Mays Award

1) Jose Abreu, White Sox

Easy call. Probably the best hitter in baseball this year.

2) Kevin Kiermaier, Rays
3) Dellin Betances, Yankees

Betances was even better than Giles, and perhaps the best reliever in the AL.

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