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2012 World Series Picks and Preferences

As I did in each of the last two seasons, I asked friends and family to share which team they’re rooting for to win this year’s World Series and which team they think will win. My first finding is that … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Good Teams Gone?

In case you missed it, here’s one I posted at High Heat Stats. Read the comments there for fascinating insights regarding luck, mathematicians, and the Tour de France. Even before the addition of the second Wild Card, baseball’s postseason was … Continue reading

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Stan Musial Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

This is it. Night five of my five-night series of Baseball Bloggers Alliance-demanded postseason award ballots. I’ve covered managers, rookies, relievers, and pitchers. Now let’s take a look at the game’s best players, or as I interpret the Stan Musial … Continue reading

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Walter Johnson Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

We’ve dismissed with the easy awards. Let’s get down to the good stuff. The Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s version of the Cy Young Award is the Walter Johnson, and both leagues are worthy of some debate. Let’s get started: American League … Continue reading

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Goose Gossage Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

Today marks the midpoint in the series I must post to avoid banishment from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (you all know how I hate ranking baseball players). Today, it’s the Richard M. Gossage Award, for the top reliever in each … Continue reading

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Willie Mays Award, 2012 Edition

The second in my series of Baseball Bloggers Alliance-required postseason award ballots is the Willie Mays Award, for each league’s top rookie. One of these awards is worth some discussion. I’ll save that one for last. American League 1. Mike … Continue reading

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Connie Mack Award Ballot, 2012 Edition

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance asks all its writers to weigh in on postseason awards. I like that a lot. The first award is the Connie Mack Award for manager of the year. I like that less. From my vantage point, … Continue reading

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Postseason Predictions- An Exercise in Futility

Every year, predicting the winners of several short postseason series is a fool’s errand. The team that gets hot at the right time and catches a few lucky breaks is more likely to win the title than the team that … Continue reading

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