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Are the Playoff Races Over?

As of this morning, teams have 11 to 14 games left to play before the first-ever one-game Wild Card showdowns. At this point, I think we know who’s going to the playoffs. The Reds and Nationals became the first teams … Continue reading

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The Unique Greatness of Mike Trout

As I’m sure you know, there are scores of internet writers who write exclusively about baseball, and dozens more who write about baseball in addition to other topics. To the best of my knowledge, none has written a word about … Continue reading

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The Nationals Without Strasburg

I’m honored to have been selected to write for High Heat Stats, where some of my favorite bloggers, like Adam Darowski, Graham Womack, and Dan McCloskey have joined Baseball-Reference veterans Andy Kamholz and John Autin to bring some of the … Continue reading

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Thwarted by Yet Another Stadium

This will be a very personal post, so I might as well start with a few personal notes. First, I’ve finally broken down and joined Twitter. Follow @replevel for links to new posts, other observations, and general snark. Second, I’ve … Continue reading

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How Do the A’s Keep Winning?

A few weeks ago in this space, I asked how the Orioles keep winning, and concluded that baseball’s randomness was more responsible for Baltimore’s success than any tangible factor. Today, I ask the same of the Athletics, but for very … Continue reading

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