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FDP and King Felix

Today is an exciting day in SABR world. Fangraphs launched what may look to the average fan like a few new junk stats. To me, these stats represent the biggest advancement since I started blogging in 2010. For those who … Continue reading

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The Last Bad Red Sox Team

Here’s a piece I wrote for The Forecaster. With every passing day, it looks more and more likely that this year’s Red Sox will finish with a losing record. While the doom and gloom that surrounded the pre-2004 Red Sox … Continue reading

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Game of the Season

Each of us has his own idea of what makes a baseball game great. You may prefer a slugfest, while I prefer a pitchers’ duel. You may prefer extra innings, while I prefer a crisp nine. We probably both agree … Continue reading

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A First Look at the Postseason Award Races

We’re less than 50 games from the finish line, and while most eyes may be on the five-team scrum for the American League Wild Cards, award races, particularly in the National League, are just heating up. Here’s how I’d vote … Continue reading

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How Do the Orioles Keep Winning?

Typically, successful baseball teams rely on one of three things: 1) Excellent starting pitching 2) Excellent hitting 3) Some combination of good pitching, good hitting, good fielding, and maybe a little bit of luck. Many great ride two, or even … Continue reading

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What If Lester and Beckett Were Still Good?

When the Red Sox lost three of four to the Twins this weekend, including two in a row as a result of late-inning blow-ups, any playoff hopes fans had clung to all spring probably evaporated. One could look back at … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Hall of Clearly Above Replacement But Not Quite Average

I’m honored to have been invited to participate in the Hall of Clearly Above Replacement Level But Not Quite Average, a project dreamed up by Dan McCloskey and Adam Darowski. Joining Dan, Adam, and me in this nessecarily frivolous pursuit … Continue reading

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