Nearly Great

Joe Posnanski. The Common Man. Jonah Keri. Rob Neyer. Carson Cistulli. Bill Parker. Josh Wilker.

What do all these writers have in common? Yes, they’re all linked to the right of this page, since I know anyone who likes my work will love theirs. They’re also among the best baseball writers in the world.

Finally, they all contributed to Hall of Nearly Great, a new ebook celebrating players who enjoyed excellent baseball careers, but careers just shy of the Hall of Fame standard, putting them at risk of being lost to history. Fernando Valenzuela, Don Mattingly, Bobby Bonds, Luis Tiant, and Dwight Evans are among the many players profiled by these and other great writers.

Still waiting to hear the best part? You buy the book, I get a commission. If you’re not sold yet, maybe this book isn’t for you. But if you like baseball, I can’t imagine you won’t love this ebook.

Replacement Level has never asked anything of you. Hopefully you’ve gotten some free entertainment. Click here to buy the book, support all these great baseball writers and help make all the hours I’ve spent ranking Hall of Famers and whining about unbalanced schedules worthwhile.

You’ll thank me.

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