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Are the New Superpowers Playing Out West?

From 2003 through 2007, the Yankees and Red Sox were the two best teams in Major League Baseball. They averaged 96 wins apiece in the regular season, won all five division titles, three AL pennants, and two championships, playing two … Continue reading

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On Liking the Texas Rangers

I caught the first half of the Red Sox-Rangers game at a bar last night, a rare treat for a guy with two kids. I briefly chatted up a fellow Red Sox fan who, unsurprisingly, had less-than-wonderful things to say … Continue reading

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Nearly Great

Joe Posnanski. The Common Man. Jonah Keri. Rob Neyer. Carson Cistulli. Bill Parker. Josh Wilker. What do all these writers have in common? Yes, they’re all linked to the right of this page, since I know anyone who likes my … Continue reading

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Divisions May Make a Mockery of Second Wild Card

I’d be remiss not to record today’s AL Wild Card standings for posterity, as I’m not sure we’ll ever see anything like them again: Angels 49-41 Tigers 47-43 Indians 46-43, 1/2 game back Orioles 46-43, 1/2 game back Athletics 46-43, … Continue reading

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Living in the Past

I have no interest in talking about steroids. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I can’t make the point I’m about to make without talking about, or at least alluding to, steroids. One of the many unfortunate byproducts of the “steroid era” in … Continue reading

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Ten Quick Thoughts About the 2012 Baseball Season

Most teams have played, or are currently playing, their 80th game of the season, which means 2012 is almost half in the books, baseballwise. The All-Star rosters are set. Most of the teams we expected to contend for division titles … Continue reading

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