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Introducing True Season Score

Last year, I introduced Season Score, a relatively simple metric to evaluate pitchers over a full season by aggregating their Game Scores and adjusting for replacement level. Part of the impetus behind the creation of Season Score was to bridge … Continue reading

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The Seven Sub-2.00 FIP Seasons

Bonds 73, McGwire 70, Sosa 66… Gibson 1.12, Gooden 1.53, Maddux 1.56… Hornsby .424, Sisler .420, Williams .406 There are single season numbers like the home run totals listed above that the average baseball fan has committed to memory (even … Continue reading

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Napoli at it Again

Rangers catcher/first baseman Mike Napoli has four home runs and nine RBI in his last three games. He had been off to a slow start in 2012, but Red Sox pitching has helped him restore his slash line to .273/.375/.667, … Continue reading

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True Patriotism is Not Being a Bully

Not since Joe Girardi in game 162 last season (and I recognize that’s not long ago) have I seen a manager actively try to lose a game the way Bobby Valentine did this afternoon at Fenway. In the annual Patriots … Continue reading

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What Ivan Nova’s “Streak” Means

Last night, Ivan Nova won his 14th straight decision, the most by any pitcher since 1951. Let’s talk about what this means. 1) Ivan Nova is a good pitcher. It takes a good pitcher to play professional baseball. It takes … Continue reading

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Point/Counterpoint: The State of the Red Sox

Here’s an email exchange between two friends of mine: one a fan of the game of baseball, the other a Boston Red Sox fan. (hint: they’re both me) Red Sox fan: Help me off the ledge here. I’m panicking. Baseball … Continue reading

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What Fans Like in a Baseball Player

I intended to post this before opening day, so that I start could focusing on, you know, actual baseball, but life intervened. Alas. ESPN just finished its list of the Top 500 Players in baseball in 2012. I’m moving away … Continue reading

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