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All-Harmony Game

In honor of Dr. King, an All-Star game of racial harmony, in which each position will feature a European American player, an African American player, an Asian American player, and a Latin American player. Rather than pitting the races against … Continue reading

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What Jack Morris Would Mean to the Hall of Fame

First, a few Hall-related notes: One of my new favorite bloggers, Diane at Value Over Replacement Grit, reminds us that “Lee Smith Cooperstown” is an anagram for “Whoops… elect on merits”. Diane’s site may keep me from getting any work … Continue reading

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The 100% Group

One of my foremost pet peeves regarding Hall of Fame voting (and like anyone else who’s been paying attention, I have many) is the refusal of some writers to vote for any player appearing on the ballot for the fist … Continue reading

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BBA Tabs Bags and Larkin

The Baseball Bloggers Alliance recommended the induction of Jeff Bagwell and Barry Larkin to the Hall of Fame this week in one of four annual elections conducted by the BBA. Larkin received the highest percentage of votes, 84.25%, in the … Continue reading

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