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Ranking Playoff Rotations

It’s pretty clear at this point which teams are going to the playoffs. The Angels are only 3 1/3 games behind the Rangers, and their veteran pitching may hold up better in September, but the Rangers have the better offense … Continue reading

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Is there Regional Bias in Hall of Fame Selections?

A few weeks ago, Joe Pawlikowski wrote a piece for fangraphs proclaiming the end of Jorge Posada’s time as the Yankees’ designated hitter. He closes the piece with this: “…in the long run it will mean little in what has … Continue reading

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Sizing Up the AL East Contenders

With five weeks left in the season, the Red Sox and Yankees find themselves separated by less than a game in the standings, again dueling down to the wire for the division title. They’re also clearly the class of the … Continue reading

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Pennant Races Slipping Away

Just two weeks ago, five of baseball’s six divisions were separated by three or fewer games. Hope abounded, as more than half of the 30 MLB teams were within eight games of a playoff spot with roughly 50 games to … Continue reading

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How Bad Are the Astros?

Last night, the Houston Astros put the following lineup on the field: 1. J. Bourgeois 2. J. Altuve 3. J. Martinez 4. C. Lee 5. J. Paredes 6. J. Michaels 7. C. Barmes 8. H. Quintero 9. B. Myers How … Continue reading

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My Favorite Players, By Position

I spill a lot of virtual ink in this space talking about the best, most valuable, and/or greatest players in baseball. As we enter the dog days of the baseball blogging season, I thought I’d take a swing at a … Continue reading

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Pedroia Towers Over His Peers

Albert Pujols is six foot three and weighs 230 pounds. One look at his forearms suggests that if he weren’t a baseball player or a lumberjack, he would be wasting a natural gift. LaDainian Tomlinson is five foot ten and … Continue reading

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Handicapping the Postseason Awards

As the calendar turns to August, the baseball season is roughly two-thirds complete. Teams have played 107-110 games and the trade deadline has established roughly what rosters will look like for the remainder of the season. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

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Trade Deadline Rundown

I don’t closely follow prospects, so I can’t intelligently comment on the winners and losers of this week’s trading frenzy (and I think it does qualify as a frenzy), but I will make some observations. The Indians and Pirates are … Continue reading

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