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The Red Sox and Baserunning Statistics

I was perusing fangraphs today, doing some research for an upcoming post about postseason award frontrunners when I noticed that the Red Sox are an attrocious baserunning team. At 6.8 Baserunning Runs Below Average, this year’s Sox grade worse than … Continue reading

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What is a No-Hitter?

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Ervin Santana of the Angels threw a no-hitter Wednesday afternoon against the Indians. Santana was masterful, striking out ten, walking one, and needing just 105 pitches to retire 27 Indians in a 3-1 … Continue reading

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20 Baseball Players and 20 Bands

I spend a somewhat embarrassing amount of time obsessing about who the best active baseball players are. Statistics can tell us who’s having the best season or who has brought the most value to his teams throughout his career, but … Continue reading

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The Next 20

I’m working on a post comparing the 20 best active baseball players to my 20 favorite active bands. It’s not a particularly scientific study- it’s supported, but not necessarily driven, by numbers, but I think it’s a fairly accurate assessment … Continue reading

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Rays, Pirates, and Realignment

As of this writing (or at least the beginning of this writing; I rarely have time to finish a post in one night), the Rays and Pirates have identical 50-44 records. Both teams were dreadful for the first half of … Continue reading

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Sunday Baseball Observations

There’s something wonderful about Sunday baseball. Everyone’s in action, and all but the ESPN Sunday Night game are over by 8:00. Weekend series wrap up and teams can finish up a sweep, claim two of three, or salvage a game … Continue reading

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Jeter’s Ceiling and Floor

It seems like 80 percent of all baseball news lately has been about Derek Jeter. As an Alliance blogger, I would be shirking my duties if I didn’t write a few thousand words about him in the aftermath of his … Continue reading

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Weaver Watch Midseason Report

A month into the 2011 baseball season, Jered Weaver had established a historic pace, giving up just five earned runs in his first six starts. Three weeks later, Weaver was scuffling, his pace derailed from historic to simply the best … Continue reading

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Bumgarnering Around with Pitching Stats

Here’s an email exchange with Ryan Marston, who shares none of my sports allegiances, but does share my passion for objective sports analysis, and even some of my DNA (we’re first cousins). The initial topic (Madison Bumgarner’s strange outing on … Continue reading

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The Second-Place Pirates

As part of my first anniversary blog spruce-up, I added categories, which you can see to the right of the screen. If you want to filter out just All-Star game content or only posts related to the Hall of Fame, … Continue reading

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