Season Scores May 23

Many thanks to Ryan Marston, who made Season Score reporting much easier by setting up a Google spreadsheet calculating Season Scores from’s average game scores. Here’s an update on the most effective pitchers through seven weeks of baseball:

National League
1 Roy Halladay 220 PHI
2 Tim Lincecum 190 SFG
3 Josh Johnson 180 FLA
3 Jaime Garcia 180 STL
5 Kyle Lohse 171 STL
6 Shaun Marcum 170 MIL
7 Cole Hamels 153 PHI
8 Tommy Hanson 150 ATL
9 Ian Kennedy 140 ARI
9 Cliff Lee 140 PHI
11 Jhoulys Chacin 135 COL
12 Clayton Kershaw 130 LAD
13 Hiroki Kuroda 120 LAD
14 Jair Jurrjens 119 ATL
15 Anibal Sanchez 117 FLA
16 Chad Billingsley 110 LAD
16 Derek Lowe 110 ATL
18 Jorge de la Rosa 108 COL
19 Jonathan Sanchez 100 SFG
20 Ricky Nolasco 99 FLA
20 Matt Cain 99 SFG

The most notable trend last update is the rise of the Dodgers. Even as Clayton Kershaw’s numbers have started to fade, Kuroda and Billingsley have been dominant, giving them a top three to rival the Phillies and Braves.

Lohse has got to be the season’s biggest surprise, but of pitchers who don’t get to work with Dave Duncan on a regular basis, Chacin has done a surprisingly great job making the Rockies miss the 2010 version of Ubaldo Jiminez a whole lot less.

The Braves’ Brandon Beachy and Tim Hudson have Season Scores of 96 and 80, respectively, giving them five of the 30 best NL starters. The Giants are the closest to matching that feat, with Ryan Vogelsong at 65 and a surging Madison Bumgarner 41st in the NL at 54.

The average Sanchez in the NL has a 108.5 Season Score, more than 60 points ahead of the average NL pitcher. Is it time to give Freddy Sanchez a change to pitch?

American League
1 James Shields 230 TBR
2 Dan Haren 210 LAA
3 Justin Verlander 190 DET
4 Josh Beckett 180 BOS
4 Jered Weaver 180 LAA
6 Michael Pineda 171 SEA
7 Trevor Cahill 170 OAK
8 Felix Hernandez 165 SEA
9 Josh Tomlin 144 CLE
9 Alexi Ogando 144 TEX
11 Gio Gonzalez 135 OAK
11 Zach Britton 135 BAL
13 Justin Masterson 126 CLE
14 Ricky Romero 117 TOR
15 Philip Humber 112 CHW
16 David Price 110 TBR
16 CC Sabathia 110 NYY
16 Max Scherzer 110 DET
19 C.J. Wilson 100 TEX
19 Brett Anderson 100 OAK
19 Jon Lester* 100 BOS

Shields took over the lead when he turned in the best pitching performance of the season yesterday, racking up a 93 Game Score with 13 strikeouts, one walk, and three hits in a complete game shutout of the Marlins.

It’s the young pitchers that are most surprising here, as rookies and near-rookies Pineda, Tomlin, Ogando, and Britton all remain in the top 12. Among more established pitchers, you’ve got to be impressed with Philip Humber, who was good enough in filling in for the injured Jake Peavy that Ozzie Guillen has temporarily included him in a six-man rotation now that Peavy is back

Sabathia’s eight shutout innings on Thursday put a Yankee in the top 20 for the first time all season. Bartolo Colon (84) and A.J. Burnett (80) are also in the top 30.

Even with Dallas Braden out for the season, the A’s still have the deepest rotation, with Brandon McCarthy (72) and Tyson Ross (60) in the AL’s top 40. Oakland’s composite rotation Season Score of 537 falls just short of Atlanta’s 555, but combining Braden’s three starts with Ross’s six puts the A’s back on top with 567 points.

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