April 10th MVPs

The following are my picks for each league’s MVP and Cy Young award winner if the season ended today.

Miguel Montero, Diamondbacks (.500/.552/.846)
The way Montero’s been hitting this year, a 1-for-4 day makes you wonder if he’s injured. Of course, by that logic, he’s probably never been all that healthy, as his career on base percentage is .337. Apologies to Matt Kemp, Joey Votto, and Nick Hundley.

Nelson Cruz, Rangers (.360/.452/1.000)
Hitting .360 less than two weeks into the season doesn’t necessarily make you an MVP candidate, but Cruz’s fifth hone run Saturday brought his slugging percentage back to 1.000. I think the Rangers will settle for a base per at-bat from Cruz all year. Apologies to Jose Bautista, Carlos Quentin, and Howie Kendrick.

NL Cy Young
Jaime Garcia, Cardinals (0.60/18 K/3 BB)
Not much debate here, as Garcia continues to baffle hitters, now leading the NL in strikeouts. Apologies to Tim Lincecum, Clayton Kershaw, and Chris Narveson.

AL Cy Young
Matt Harrison, Rangers (1.29/11 K/3 BB)
The contenders in the AL are so bunched up that it feels like time for a change. Harrison dominated the Orioles Saturday nearly as completely as he dominated the Red Sox in his first start. Apologies to Dan Haren, Jered Weaver, and Edwin Jackson.

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