April 6th MVPs

Nick Hundley, Padres (.533/.588/.800)
Nobody in the NL stands out quite like the top few hitters in the AL, but Hundley’s now 8-for-15 with three extra base hits and a walk. For a catcher who’s played a quarter of his games at Petco Park (I know, I’m reaching), that’s pretty impressive. Apologies to Starlin Castro, Drew Stubbs, and Ryan Zimmerman.

Mark Teixeira, Yankees (.333/.455/1.000)
I prefer to ignore RBI, as they say more about a player’s opportunities than his abilities, but it’s hard to ignore Teixeira’s 10 in his first five games. Four of his six hits have been home runs, and he’s added three walks to his ledger. Apologies to Nelson Cruz, Jose Bautista, and Howie Kendrick.

NL Cy Young
Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers (2.08/17 K/2 BB)
Kershaw took a loss in his second start, but his WHIP is still under 1 and he leads the majors by four strikeouts. Apologies to Derek Lowe, Yovani Gallardo, and Jaime Garcia.

AL Cy Young
Jered Weaver, Angels (0.69/12 K/5 BB)
If we’re going to give extra credit to Teixeira for a context-driven stat like RBI, it only makes sense to deny CC Sabathia this award because he doesn’t have a win yet. Sabathia pitched brilliantly last night, giving up no runs in seven innings, but Rafael Soriano gave up a four run lead faster than he ditched the Rays. Meanwhile, Weaver has now given up one run in 13 innings, striking out 12 and earning two wins. Apologies to Sabathia, Jeremy Guthrie, and Felix Hernandez.

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