April 5th MVPs

Starlin Castro, Cubs (.500/.556/.813)
No Monday games for most of the contenders means no change at the top. Castro still leads both leagues in hits with 8. Apologies to Drew Stubbs, Matt Kemp, and Rickie Weeks.

Nelson Cruz, Rangers (.429/.500/1.286)
Life is good when you’re built like Barry Bonds circa 2002 and play half your games in Arlington, where Bonds might have hit 73 in 81 home games. Cruz hit his fourth in as many games on Monday and adds two singles and two walks to his early season haul. Apologies to Carlos Quentin, Jose Bautista, and Ian Kinsler.

NL Cy Young
Jamie Garcia, Cardinals (0.00/9 K/2 BB)
Garcia may keep this one until the number one starters get another shot. Bill James’s Game Score, which assigns points to innings, strikeouts, and hits, runs, and walks allowed to determine how effective a pitcher was in a single game, agrees with me, as Garcia’s first start scored an 86, best in either league so far. Apologies to Clayton Kershaw (77), Travis Wood (72), and Tim Hudson (71).

AL Cy Young
Jeremy Guthrie, Orioles (0.00/6 K/1 BB)
Game Scores helped me reevaluate this pick since yesterday, as Guthrie’s 81 is the best so far. I just might have to invent Season Score to evaluate Cy Young candidates based on the sum of their Game Scores over the course of a season. It would have to be park adjusted, of course, and perhaps adjusted for quality of competition, but it seems more telling than ERA or FIP. Any objections? Apologies to Kyle Drabek (75), Felix Hernandez (74), and Matt Harrison (69).

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