April 4th MVPs

Starlin Castro, Cubs (.533/.588/1.455)
Castro has collected eight hits in three games, including two doubles and a triple. Throw in two walks and a premier position (shortsop), and you’ve got the best player in the National League so far. Apologies to Drew Stubbs, Rickie Weeks, and Ryan Howard.

Ian Kinsler, Rangers (.400/.571/1.400)
Kinsler led off the bottom of the first inning with a home run in each of the Rangers’ first two games. In game three, when Clay Buchholz walked him in the first, he homered in his next plate appearance (the only one of the day not to end in a walk). Kinsler’s opening series looked like Jack Cust on a tear, with 8 of his 13 PAs resulting in a walk, strikeout, or home run. Apologies to Carlos Quentin, Jose Bautista, and Nelson Cruz (and to most of the Yankees’ offense, since I’m only giving out three apologies per award).

NL Cy Young
Jamie Garcia, Cardinals (0.00/9 K/2 BB)
Garcia pitched the National League’s first complete game on Sunday, shutting out the Padres on four hits while striking out nine. Apologies to Cliff Lee, Clayton Kershaw, and Matt Garza, who struck out 12 and walked none, but gave up 12 hits in his first start.

AL Cy Young
Matt Harrison, Rangers (1.29/8 K/2 BB)
We’ve got a lot of Rangers on this page today. Harrison capped off the defending AL champs’ sweep of Boston with a seven-inning five-hit outing in which he struck out eight and walked two. Apologies to Jeremy Guthrie, Felix Hernandez, and Dan Haren.

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