April 2nd MVPs

Ramon Hernandez, Reds(.800/.800/1.400)
Nobody in the NL did anything on Friday to overtake Hernandez’s opening day heroics. Apologies to Miguel Montero, Neil Walker, and Andrew McCutchen.

JP Arencibia, Blue Jays(.750/.750/2.750)
I don’t think we’ll see another cumulative slash line like that one. Rookie catcher Arencibia had two homers and a triple in the Jays’ rout of the Twins. It’s all catchers so far, which makes sense when you consider that the rigors of the position haven’t taken their toll on the bodies of the league’s backstops after a few spring training games. If the season were 30 games long, I bet we’d see a lot more catchers slugging .550 and winning MVP awards. Apologies to Carlos Quentin, Mike Napoli, and Jose Bautista.

NL Cy Young
Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers(0.00/9 K/1 BB)
Again, Friday’s results didn’t change this one. Apologies to Roy Halladay, Tim Lincecum, and Derek Lowe.

AL Cy Young
Jeremy Guthrie, Orioles(0.00/6 K/1 BB)
Guthrie shut down the Rays for eight innings, giving up just three hits and a walk while striking out six. Apologies to Felix Hernandez, Dan Haren, and Jeff Francis.

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