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Season Score Update

The fifth anniversary of my wedding is also the four-week anniversary of the 2011 baseball season and the nine-day anniversary of my introduction of Season Scores. What better time to take a look at the best pitching performances from the … Continue reading

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Start the Weaver Watch

In each of the last two seasons, one pitcher got off to a scorching start, leading his league in virtually every category and making fans wonder if this was the beginning of a historic season. Of course, early season pitching … Continue reading

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The Dodgers, Then and Now

This year’s biggest baseball news has centered around the LA Dodgers, first when Dodgers fans beat a visiting Giants fan into a coma in the stadium parking lot after a game, then when Bud Selig announced that Major League Baseball … Continue reading

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Ranking Rotations

When the Phillies acquired Cliff Lee to join Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels in the starting rotation, there was a lot of talk about that group being the best since the mid-nineties Braves, if not longer. Some argued … Continue reading

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How Far Can Angels Ride Two Aces?

Jered Weaver turned in another dazzling performance last night, striking out eight and walking none in a complete game win over the Rangers. Weaver regained the major league lead in Season Score, a measure of a pitcher’s cumulative accomplishments, including … Continue reading

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Introducing Season Scores

When evaluating hitters, there are a few great metrics we can use to determine which hitters had the best season. OPS is simple and effective. Runs Created addresses OPS’s shortcomings, and Weighted On Base Average tells us as much as … Continue reading

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An Indians Fan’s Dream

One of the beautiful things about April baseball is the unpredictability of early results. Every team has hot and cold streaks over 162 games, but if a surprising team goes on an early run, its fans can dream a little. … Continue reading

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