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Hall of Fame Ballot, part 1

The baseball writers who vote for the Hall of Fame have their 2011 ballots in their hands. With 33 names and very few throwaways, it’s an impressive field, ranging from sure things who have been denied for years for no … Continue reading

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Best vs. Most Valuable

Josh Hamilton won the American League MVP award today in less-than-dramatic fashion, collecting 22 of 28 first place votes. While I can’t argue with Hamilton’s selection, I thought Evan Longoria had a strong case. While Hamilton was the almost certainly … Continue reading

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No Wrong Answers for NL MVP

Joey Votto won a well-earned National League MVP Award today, which came as no surprise to me or to anyone who was paying attention. Once we dismiss Carlos Gonzalez and his jarring home/road splits, the only other contender was Albert … Continue reading

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Another Win for Cy Young Voters

In 2008, Brandon Webb led the National League with 22 wins. But Tim Lincecum struck out 62 more hitters in almost the same number of innings, had an ERA .68 runs better than Webb’s, and was rewarded with a well-deserved … Continue reading

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Roy’s Cy Relatively Drama Free

Roy Halladay was unanimously awarded the National League’s Cy Young today, easily outpolling Adam Wainwright and Ubaldo Jimenez, each of whom enjoyed a season worthy of Cy Young consideration most other years. After Cliff Lee’s and Tim Lincecum’s LCS and … Continue reading

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Fielding Awards

At the risk of giving further press to the farce that is the most widely accepted group of fielding awards, I’d like to take this opportunity to fisk the more legitimate Fielding Bible Awards, which use actual metrics demonstrating fielders’ … Continue reading

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Can the Rangers Still Win?

We’ll hear a lot in tonight’s broadcast of World Series game 5 about the 1985 Royals coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win the title. Or, more accurately, we’ll hear about all the teams since then who haven’t come … Continue reading

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