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World Series Picks and Preferences

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve asked several dozen of my friends and family members (1) who they think will win the World Series and why, and (2) which team they would like to see win the World Series and … Continue reading

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One Last Prediction

One of the many things I love about this San Francisco-Texas World Series matchup is that I don’t have to defend my original prediction that the Phillies would sweep the Yankees. As good as the Phillies’ starting pitching was, and … Continue reading

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A Riddle

What am I? I have a rabbit, a chick, a ducky, a catfish, a mule, a turkey, and two geese. I have a Sandy, a Candy, a Judy, a Christy, a Nellie, two Jesses, two Robins, and three Kell(e)ys. I … Continue reading

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Aces Just High Enough

Heavy favorites and defending pennant winners New York and Philadelphia each entered game five of their League Championship Series in a 3-1 hole. Each team had its ace going in game five, each against a comparably talented, but less accomplished … Continue reading

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Poz on Cliff

If you’ve been thinking about Cliff Lee half as much today as I have, you’re not getting much work done. Joe Posnanski answers all the questions you’re asking and a bunch more you hadn’t even thought of. What Cliff Lee … Continue reading

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It’s Just Another 2-1 Series

It’s hard not to get caught up in all the hyperbole about this year’s ALCS. Yes, Cliff Lee was historically dominant last night, mowing down 24 of the 27 Yankees he faced, 13 via strikeout. Yes, the Yankees have been … Continue reading

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Should the Giants Be Favored Now?

I watched every pitch of last night’s once-in-a-decade pitchers’ duel, which turned into a coming out party for Cody Ross. With the exception of a few (possibly unnecessary, depending on your opinion of ball one to Pat Burrell) pitches in … Continue reading

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