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Judgment Day

Last night was a momentous night for pennant races, as the Rays, Yankees, and Reds clinched postseason berths. But those were all foregone conclusions. The real news happened when the Padres lost a game to the Cubs on the field … Continue reading

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Two-Horse Race

After last nights’s events (and probably before them), it looks like the AL Cy Young field is now a two-horse race between CC Sabathia and Felix Hernandez. David Price was passable in beating the Yankees last night, but doesn’t have … Continue reading

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How Good are the Twins?

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Yankees and Rays are, by far, the best teams in baseball this year. I strongly believe that the Red Sox and Phillies, if healthy, would have been in that group, and that … Continue reading

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I like Ike

… and everything about this article (except the Holocaust thing).

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Game of the Year?

I should start this post with a slightly embarrassing admission. I don’t have cable TV. The standard stereotype of the baseball blogger is that he’s a hopeless nerd living in his mom’s basement, writing about the statistics of a game … Continue reading

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Roughed Up, NL West-style

There are many things I love about the way the NL West race is shaping up. The tie at the top. The charging Rockies terrifying the co-leaders with a 10-game winning streak. The three-game series between the Padres and Giants … Continue reading

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…and the Padres’ eventual collapse

I just looked back at my first post on July 4th. I told my readers to stay tuned for posts about, among other things, the Padres eventual collapse. Since that post, the Dads built what looked like an insurmountable lead … Continue reading

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