Today’s Fun Fact

It occurred to me this afternoon that only three teams have won an NL MVP award in the last decade: the Cardinals (Pujols ’05, 08, ’09), Phillies (Howard ’06, Rollins ’07), and Giants (Kent ’00, Bonds ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04). It occurred to me shortly thereafter that those three teams are fighting for the NL Wild Card this year. Odd.

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1 Response to Today’s Fun Fact

  1. unholyunion says:

    If the Phillies had just mandated that Chase Utley and Ryan Howard spend a little more time in the minors for rehab, then the Phillies would be leading the division. Howard’s something like 3-33 since coming off the DL. If they can get in as the wild card team, I’ll take it. Whatever, just get into the tournament.

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