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The Greatest Active…

In my post about pitcher wins, I was tempted to refer to CC Sabathia as “possibly the greatest active pitcher”, but with Roy Halladay and Johan Santana still active (and in the case of the former, still great), I decided … Continue reading

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Why Wins Matter

I read for the first time today what I’d feared for a few weeks. Dave Cameron (via Rob Neyer) referred to CC Sabathia as the favorite to win the AL Cy Young Award. This angered me on two levels. On … Continue reading

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Today’s Fun Fact

It occurred to me this afternoon that only three teams have won an NL MVP award in the last decade: the Cardinals (Pujols ’05, 08, ’09), Phillies (Howard ’06, Rollins ’07), and Giants (Kent ’00, Bonds ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04). … Continue reading

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What About Buchholz?

Less than two weeks ago, I listed my top AL Cy Young candidates as follows: 1. Cliff Lee 2. Francisco Liriano 3. Feliz Hernandez 4. Jered Weaver 5. Jon Lester Lee is now 2-4 with a 4.18 ERA with a … Continue reading

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When Does the Hate Start?

I watched the Portland SeaDogs, a Boston affiliate, play the Trenton Thunder, a New York farm club, at Hadlock Field in Portland last night. We sat right above the Trenton bullpen, watching cocky prospects whip 90 mph fastballs at crew … Continue reading

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It’s Games Like This…

Feliz blows save as Thames caps Yankees’ rally to beat Rangers …that make me want to write about movies or Norse mythology or genocide in Darfur. Anything but baseball.

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7 Pennant Races?

There was a time, not long before the All-Star game, when it looked like all three divisions and the wild card in the American League were sewn up. Two weeks ago, the Braves had opened up a big lead in … Continue reading

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Postseason Awards

I’ll do my best to make that my last month-long hiatus from this blog for a while. Something about writing about baseball when you can’t play it… Anyway, I meant to use this space to say something nice about the … Continue reading

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